Terms & Conditions

Guest Access: The property is accessible via the lobby bar from 9:30am-midnight.  Outside of those hours, hotel guests must enter the property through the After Hours gate, located to the right of our lobby bar, or through the parking lot gate located at the rear of the property. Both gates have secure keycard access.  Use your room key to enter.

Lobby bar and courtyard: You are free to use the lobby bar and courtyard as a workspace, meeting space or lounge from the hours of 9:30am to midnight.  Beginning at noon, both spaces open to the public as a cocktail bar and kitchen, serving high end bar fare.  Kitchen closes at 8pm every day.  You may carry out food from the bar to take to your room but we do not offer traditional room service. 

Rooftop deck: The rooftop deck is for hotel guests only.  It offers loungers, a communal table and a sectional sofa set amidst lush foliage, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in relative privacy 24/7.  Occasionally, there are private events that restrict hotel guest access to the rooftop deck.  

Room Key: Your key will grant you access to all three secured access gates on property, as well as your room. Your keys will automatically expire at 11am on the day of check-out. 

Physical Key - If you arrive before midnight, we will provide you with a traditional keycard.  If you plan to arrive after midnight, you must contact us before 4pm to arrange how to get a traditional keycard that night.  Otherwise, you can use your digital key.

Digital Key - We are excited to provide you the ability to use your smartphone as your room key, via the OpenKey app.  The OpenKey app must be downloaded on your smartphone prior to check in.  When your room is ready for check in, you will receive a text alerting you to open the OpenKey app and download your digital key.  Once the key is downloaded, simply click on the key button and hold your phone against the door lock, just like a normal keycard.  Please contact us before 4pm on the day of your check-in if you have any questions about using OpenKey. 

Checking In and Out:

Check-in is available after 3 PM.

Check-out is at 11am.

We will do our best to accommodate early check-ins and late check-outs.  You must request early check-ins and late check-outs within 24 hours of your check-in or check-out time.  Extra fees may apply.

Guests are responsible for carrying their own luggage to and from their rooms.  Rooms 101-102 are on the ground floor. Rooms 201-204 are up one flight of steps.  Rooms 301-302 are up two flights of steps. 

Luggage Storage: We can receive your bags as early as 9:30am on check-in day.  You can drop off and pick up your bags in our lobby bar.  You will be given a baggage claim ticket that you must present in order to redeem your bags. We can't promise that we have room to store your bags upon check-out. Please check with our property manager to see if we have any room available.  If we are able to hold your bags after check-out, they must be picked up at the lobby bar no later than 4pm that day.  If they are not picked up by 4pm then fees will apply.

Noise: We're located in one of Nashville's most vibrant pedestrian districts.  Our lobby bar and courtyard is a popular drinking spot for locals and we like to crank up the music and have a good time.  We shut down the bar and turn off the music at midnight every night. However, if you need to be in bed before midnight or don't enjoy being in the center of the action then we strongly suggest that you book a room elsewhere.  Otherwise, toss back a nightcap at the bar and revel in the good life.

Guest Services: Our property manager is on site from 9:30am-4:30pm every day to accomodate guest needs. If you have any needs outside of these hours then please email us at hello@vandykenashville.com or call us at 615-730-5023 and select "Option 1" for hotel.  Our bar staff is on site until midnight and may be able to assist with minor issue, however, we recommend that you contact the property manager.

Site Conditions: There is no elevator on site, the second and third floors are only accessible by an exterior staircase. Rooms 101-102 are located on the ground floor.  Rooms 201-204 are located up one flight of stairs on the scond floor.  Rooms 301-302 are located up two flights of stairs on the third floor. Guests are responsible for carrying their own luggage to and from their rooms.  

The property is accessible via the lobby bar from 9:30am-midnight.  Outside of bar hours, hotel guests must enter the property through the After Hours gate located to the right of our lobby bar or through the parking lot gate located at the rear of the property. Both gates have secure keycard access.  Use your room key to enter.

Maintenance: We do not provide 24-hour maintenance. If there is an issue with your room, we will gladly address it between the hours of  9am and 6pm. If there is an emergency after 6pm - such as a fire or flood - or if you are locked out of your room then please reach out to our property manager at hello@vandykenashville.com or call 615-730-5023 and select "Option 1" for hotel.

Housekeeping: Our housekeeping services are offered daily from noon to 3 pm. We will take out the trash and provide fresh towels + toiletries. It is not a full room clean. If there is something specific that needs to be cleaned in your room please notify our property manager. Our housekeeping is only offered once a day so if your room is not accessible, for whatever reason, then it will not be serviced that day.  If you prefer to not be bothered at all, then make sure to notify housekeeping by placing the "I like mine dirty" door hanger on the outside of the door and we will respect your privacy. 

Parking: There is free street parking readily available most days. However, parking can get tough on weekends and holidays. We offer reserved, off-street parking for $10/day but there is a very limited supply so make sure to reserve a spot before arrival in order to ensure a space.  When parking in one of our reserved spaces, you must display our parking pass in your front windshield.  Failure to do so may result in a fine or your vehicle being towed.  We are not responsible for the safety of your car when parking in one of our reserved spaces. 

Smoking and Pets: Our property is 100% smoke free.  We do not allow smoking or pets in our rooms or anywhere on our property. Guests who violate these policies may be asked to leave immediately, without refund. This will also result in a minimum $300 fine. If a violation is discovered after check out, the guest will be responsible for any damages and cleaning fees incurred from the violation.

Occupancy Restrictions: All guests must be at least 21 years old. Rooms 102, 201, 203 and 204 have max occupancies of 2 people.  Room 101 has a max occupancy of 3 people.  Rooms 202 and 301 have max occupancies of 4 people.  Room 302 has max occupancies of 6 people.  

Refusal of Service: We reserve the right to deny entrance and/or service to any guest who is disrespectful or disruptive to staff or other guests.  Any such actions may result in us terminating your stay with us, effective immediately and with NO refund